måndag 26 februari 2018

gifts DT inlägg

Today I will show you two projects I made
with the beautiful KIsses and Snowflakes kits.
It is an Impossible Gift Box and a Box card for a little gift for someone.
Here I have the Box card filled with tea and tealights,
and the Impossible box could be filled with chocolate, for example.
It looks like this

Here you can see the Box card inside. There are tealight candles, teabags, and matches.
Here is the Impossible Gift box.
It is so fun to make, so I hope you will try one yourself!
I pulled up the lid here and it is stuck in the entire box.
Here you can see that the box has opened.
And here the lid is closed.

This is the last one for me
with the International Scrapbooking Garden.
It has been so nice to be part of this design team. 
But I will post many more thing I make here so I hope see you around.


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